What is the LuxUmbrian Communion

The LuxUmbrian Communion is one of the traditions or expressions of Christian faith. Others include (but are not limited to) Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Lutheranism. What makes our communion unique is that we embrace the hidden, esoteric, and magical aspects of our religion and praxis.

The Communion is organized into a series of jurisdictional regional areas. These regions may be subdivided into dioceses, and dioceses into parishes and Covens. All jurisdictional regions are in communion – or a reciprocal relationship – with each other.

There is no central authority in the LuxUmbrian Communion. All the jurisdictional regions are autonomous and free to make their own decisions in their own ways – guided by recommendations from the Two Instruments:

  1. The Bishop’s Synod, and
  2. The Landmarks