You are handed a white envelope.
Inside, there is nothing but a black feather. A raven’s feather.
And you know you now have 24 hours to decide.
The Unkindness (colloquially “the Ravens”) are a group of specialists in the ELU whose functions are multifold.

1) They serve as spiritual warfare specialists. Offering aid to covens, study groups, and individuals who require additional suggestions, tactics, and – if need be – direct intervention in regard to non-corporeal entities. Those elected to the Unkindness have a background in exorcism, spiritual warfare, and the severing of bindings. Call up something too big and too ugly? Call a Raven.

2) The Unkindness also functions as the Eyes and Ears of the Witch-Father. While not bestowed any particular authority to investigate or make rulings these individuals exist to get a “feel” for the status of the Church and its members. They can also take specific issues to the Witch-Father, ranging from allegations of misconduct to the praising of worthy individuals whose contributions might otherwise go unnoticed. The Unkindness Watches, the Witch-Father Knows.

Tomorrow, you’ve either declined, and returned the feather in the white envelope… or you’ve pinned it to your lapel in acceptance.

It is seen.

The Witch-Father quietly approaches, and without ceremony or fanfare, swiftly replaces your feather with the Twin Ravens.

Welcome to the Unkindness.