Shepherds of the Golden Balance

Shepherds of the Golden Balance

Burdened and blessed, you are the shore between land and sea, the horizon between night and day. Others may wander blindly through their lives, adrift on the seas of fate. But part of you has always known your path, always believed there is reason and purpose and a secret order infusing your existence. All existence. You are right.

You have been gifted a higher calling. You are a defender of The Golden Balance, the true hidden harmony of the world. The line that crosses through us all, segments the great forces, and brings order to the chaos of existence. The law of all life. That is what governs us, protects us, guides us.

You’ve probably always felt an innate sense of right and wrong, known your life was guided by a truer current. But you’ve also wondered what to do with that sense of what is true and right in a world of gray that separates who you are from what you do. The truth is you may be a civic-minded advocate, gathering people to a noble cause. Or an artist, inspired and inspiring wonder in others. You might hone your body using martial magic or sharpen your mind against the whetstone of knowledge.

Truly, you may have several potentials, and that means you are capable of a great many good things. But do not think of yourself as elite. Know that who you are is not as important as what you do with the life you are given. Take on any endeavor, explore your power and potential, but whatever you do must be in service of the world around you, and to the law of The Golden Balance.

You are a figure for good, for right. You might have been born to be an advocate for justice or a champion for the subjugated, a mediator for forces at war or a storyteller illuminating those in shadow. No matter who you choose to be, when the scales tip to the side of disorder and darkness, you are called to right it, a warrior for peace and truth and harmony. For harmony and true peace are only possible through the dedication and diligence of those willing to swear their life’s work to it.