Artisans of the Day’s Work

Artisans of the Day’s Work

A day spent without soiled hands is a day wasted. You’ve never been one to shy away from big ideas or the hard work required to make those ideas manifest. You are a big thinker, an imaginer of machines to make life better, of curious treatments to make life longer: ways to grow stronger crops, methods to forge stronger tools. You don’t wait for problems to solve themselves. You get your hands dirty and solve them yourself. You’ve probably taught yourself a thousand skills to solve a thousand problems and are still open to learn from others. After all, what good is the sharpest of minds, the keenest of ideas, without the know-how to bring those thoughts into fruition?

The botanist and the farmer. The architect and the carpenter.


Perhaps you took apart your favorite toy as a child just to see how it worked. And upon putting it back together, you might’ve realized it worked better than it did before. Perhaps you are the one with the strange ideas, unique ideas to make the old ways work better. Somewhere inside you is the potential to be an engineer, a tinkerer, a maker. An alchemist. An artificer. Whoever you are, never doubt for a moment that above all, you are a creator. You seek not only to see new light, but to create it. To do what has never been done. And to do what has been done, even better.


You’ve always been drawn to the wonder of breaking and remaking things, both objects and ideas. To understand them, recreate them, improve them. That is The Day’s Work, the purpose of every dawning morning and every glowing dusk. To do all you can with the skills you have, in the short time you are given. All to better our world. Come, explore the possibilities of your ideas, the potential of your discoveries. Push the boundaries of their purpose, and yours.


Create something no one else could’ve imagined and use it to change everything. You are an ideasmith, and here is where you mine what is possible.