Burdened and blessed, you are the shore between land and sea, the horizon between night and day. Others may wander blindly through their lives, adrift on the seas of fate. But part of you has always known your path, always believed there is reason and purpose and a secret order infusing your existence. All existence.

You are right.

This is the culmination of years of work and dedication, and here it is: the beginning of everything that is to come. You are moments from knowing what you have begged to know.

What if magic was real, and there was a time when you could have joined your hidden colleagues and learned to practice arcane arts with other believers?

What if you still could?

Would you?

That longing you have for something else – your belief that there is something more, something bigger than just this world – there’s a reason for it.

You’ve been called.

If you’re ready, click the button below. We’ve provided everything you need to prepare for your journey, to connect with others who have already begun, and to take your place in a grand unfolding story that can’t be told without you.

All you have to do is answer the call.